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La Belle Assemblee: Being Belle's Court and Fashionable Magazine, for January 1811. (Google book)

The Book of Common Prayer, And Adminiftration of the Sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the Church According to the Ufe of The Church of England: together with the Psalter or Psalms of David

Glenarvon By Caroline Lamb

Confessions of an Opium-eater By Thomas De Quincey (Google book)

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue By Francis Grose, Pierce Egan, William Legge (Google book)

A Journal of Travels in England, Holland and Scotland By Benjamin Silliman (Google book)

Letters from England By Robert Southey 1814 (google book)

A Manual of Coaching By Fairman Rogers (Google book)


Clubs and Club Life in London By John Timbs (Google book)

The every day book, or, A guide to the year 1826

Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London By Augustus Pugin, John Britton, William Henry (Google book)

England in 1815 as seen by a young Boston merchant; being the reflections and comments of Joseph Ballard on a trip through Great Britain in the year of Waterloo By Ballard, Joseph (Internet Archive)

Rural rides in the counties of Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hants, Berks, Oxford, Bucks, Wilts, Somerset, Gloucester, Hereford, Salop, Worcester, Stafford, Leicester, Hertford, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridge, Huntingdon, Nottingham, Lincoln, York, Lancaster, Durham, and Northumberland, in the years 1821, 1822, 1823, 1825, 1826, 1829, 1830, and 1832; By William Cobbett (Internet Archive)

The Reminiscences and Recollections of Captain Gronow: Being Anecdotes of the Camp, Court, Clubs, and Society 1810-1860 By Rees Howell Gronow, Joseph Grego (Google book)

Social England Under the Regency By John Ashton (Google book)

Views of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen in England, Wales, Scotland (Google book)

The English housewife in the seventeenth & eighteenth centuries By Bradley, Rose M (Internet Archive)

The Original Picture of London, Enlarged and Improved By John Feltham, John Britton 1826 (Google Book)

Leigh's New Picture of London: Or A View of the Political, Religious, Medical, Literary, Municipal, Commercial, and Moral State of the British Metropolis 1827 (Google Book)

Cruchley's Picture of London: Comprising the History, Rise, and Progress of the Metropolis to the Present Period : and a Sketch of the Most Remarkable Features of Its Environs. By G. F. Cruchley 1834 (Google book)

Stage-coach and Mail in Days of Yore: A Picturesque History of the Coaching Age By Charles G. Harper 1904 (Google book)

A General Itinerary of England and Wales, with Part of Scotland: Containing All the Direct, and Principal Cross Roads to Every City and Market Town By David Ogilvy (Google book)

Christmas: Its Origin and Associations Together with Its Historical Events and Festive Celebrations During Nineteen Centuries By William Francis Dawson (Project Gutenberg)

Coaching days and coaching ways By Tristam, W. Outram Railton, Herbert, Thomson, Hugh, (Internet Archive)

Pierce Egan's Book of Sports and Mirror of Life By Pierce Egan 1832 (Google book)

Annals of the road: or, Notes on mail and stage coaching in Great Britain By Malet, Harold Esdaile; Nimrod (Internet Archive)

The coaching era By Wilson, Violet A. (Internet Archive)

A new and accurate description of all the direct and principal cross roads in Great Britain By Daniel Paterson 1811 (Google book)

Brighton and its coaches : a history of the London and Brighton Road, with some account of the provincial coaches that have run from Brighton By Blew, William C. A. (Internet Archive)

Gray's New Book of Roads. The Tourist and Traveller's Guide to the Roads of England and Wales, and Part of Scotland, Etc. [With Maps.]. By George Carrington Gray (Google book)

Maria Josepha, Lady Stanley (Google books)

Kearsley's Traveller's Entertaining Guide Through Great Britain; Or, A Description of the Great and Principal Cross-roads By Catharine Kearsley (Google book)

The Beaux of the Regency By Lewis Saul Benjamin (Google book)

The Book of English Trades: And Library of the Useful Arts : with Seventy Engravings By John Souter 1818 (Google book)

The London Adviser and Guide: Containing Every Instruction and Information Useful and Necessary to Persons Living in London and Coming to Reside There By John Trusler 1790 (Google book)

Practical hints to young females, on the duties of a wife, a mother, and a mistress of a family by Anna Taylor 1822 (Google book)

Instructions to young married ladies, management of their households, and the regulation of their conduct in the various relations and duties of married life By Mrs. William Parkes 1831 (Google book)

The Mirror of the Graces: Or, The English Lady's Costume. Containing General Instructions for Combining Elegance, Simplicity, and Economy with Fashion in Dress; Hints on Female Accomplishments and Manners; and Directions for the Preservation of Health and Beauty By A lady of distinction (Google book)

Life in London: Or, The Day and Night Scenes of Jerry Hawthorn, Esq., and His Elegant Friend Corinthian Tom, Accompanied by Bob Logic, the Oxonian, in Their Rambles and Sprees Through the Metropolis By Pierce Egan, Robert Cruikshank, George Cruikshank (google book)

The finish to the adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic, in their pursuits through life in and out of London By Egan, Pierce, Cruikshank, Isaac Robert, (Internet Archive)

Vanishing England By P. H. Ditchfield, Illustrated by Fred Roe

Practical Economy, Or, The Application of Modern Discoveries to the Purposes of Domestic Life: Or, The Application of Modern Discoveries to the Purposes of Domestic Life By Henry Colburn 1822 (google book)

The Clubs of London: With Anecdotes of Their Members, Sketches of Character, and Conversations By Charles Marsh 1828 (google book)

The English Spy: An Original Work, Characteristic, Satirical, and Humorous: Drawn from the Life By Charles Molloy Westmacott, Robert Cruikshank (google book)

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