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Emma’s Christmas Lists

Emma married the Rev. James Edward Austen Leigh.

She was born Emma Smith in 1801 so was twelve when she first recorded her gifts.




  • Papa gave her a tambourine
  • Mamma gave her a compass case
  • Miss Ramsey ( who was probably the governess) gave her an empty straw box.
  • Her aunt gave her a parallel ruler


  • Mamma gave her a mariner’s compass
  • Aunt gave her a silver vinagrette
  • Augusta gave her a gold twisted ring
  • Miss Ramsey gave her a leather purse


  • Mamma gave her a gold chain
  • Aunt gave her a coral broach
  • Miss Ramsey gave her a nitting [sic] box with one of her own drawings on top.
  • Augusta gave her a china candlestick
  • Fanny gave her a silk box (a box in which to keep her embroidery silks) with winders she had made.
  • Mamma gave her a pair of gold earrings
  • Fanny gave her a turquoise ring
  • Aunt gave her a gold locket with her hair.
  • Miss Ramsey gave her a green silk and silver purse, she had made.

1818 by the tree ( the only time a tree is mentioned.)

  • her mother gave her a thermometer
  • Her aunt gave her an Amethyst cross
  • Augusta gave her a cut glass standing smelling casket
  • Fanny gave her a card nitting [sic] box, drawn on the top and made by her
  • Eliza gave her a needle case and a pincushion she had made.
  • Charlotte made her a work bag.
  • Drummond gave her a broach.
  • Maria gave her a anchor pin.
  • Miss Ramsey gave her a worked trimming she had made.
  • Belinda Colebrooke gave her a silk work box with butterflies on the top.
  • Harriet Colebrooke gave her a pink and white cornelian cross.


  • Mamma gave her a fur tippet
  • Aunt gave her a Belgian leather work box
  • Charles gave her a rosebud broach
  • Eliza gave her a peacock feather screen she had made.
  • Charlotte gave her some ruffles she had made.
  • Drummond made her a memorandum book.
  • Maria made her a pincushion.


  • Mamma gave her a pair of long gold earrings
  • Aunt gave her a coral necklace.
  • Fanny gave her a silver vinagrette
  • Charlotte gave her a red leather ink stand box.
  • Maria gave her a little ring.


  • Aunt gave her a rosewood jewel box
  • Augusta gave her an ivory opera glass.
  • Fanny gave her a blue bead necklace she had made.
  • Eliza gave her a penknife
  • Charlotte gave her a white satin pincushion.
  • Belinda and Harriot gave her a hair bracelet and clasp made of their own hair.
  • Charles brought her from abroad: (Charles became Sir Charles in 1816. )
    • A blue, gold and silver turban.
    • Genoa and French flowers
    • Lyons lavender coloured silk gown
    • Belgian silk scarf
    • French worked muslin handkerchief
    • Steel buckle
    • Cut coral necklace and earrings and coral cameo ring and coral head fringes.
    • Vienna enamel cross and fastenings
    • Moscow turquoise set in a ring at Vienna
    • Vienna mother of pearl trunk
    • Tartarian or Chinese scent bag
    • Biscuit figure of a good girl from Dresden
    • Quantity of Petit Gris, or squirrel furs
    • Silver chains and dangler
    • Music

Augusta Smith (married Rev. Henry Watson Wilder, 1829); children

Sir Charles Joshua Smith, bart. [succeeded to the title of his great-uncle, Drummond Smith, in 1816] (married Mary Gosling, 1826); children

Emma Smith (married Rev. James-Edward Austen, 1828); children

Frances ['Fanny'] Smith (married Rev. Richard Seymour, 1834); children

Spencer Smith (married Frances Seymour, 1835); children

Sarah Eliza Smith (married [Sir] Denis Le Marchant, 1835); children

Charlotte Judith Smith (married Rev. Arthur Currie, 1833); children

Drummond Smith (died unmarried)

Maria Louisa Smith (married Rev. Sir John Hobart Culme-Seymour, 1844); children

from http://smithandgosling.wordpress.com/emma-smith/

Jane Austen’s Christmas: The Festive Season in Georgian England. Maria Herbert , 1996


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